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2009-04-19 18:28:22 by PenutFlash

I'm in a collab!
it's based off of a forum and we decided to make a collab and a game out of it!
weeee yay!
coming out soon

Preview of my part:


first post

2008-05-04 00:12:58 by PenutFlash

ok.I'm just doing this so the stupid looking u have no post thing stops.
so I'm just going to tell a little about my self.

I am new at flash but not bad.
I'm hoping maybe I become famous among ng's
Really I just hope I can just learn what I'm doing

I am working on many projects
metal gear kyle(may be canceled)
the company
game testers(may be on ng soon)

my animations are for ng's only!
not youtube

if I ever get a front pager I will post an animation of me screaming like a girl

And I like red shirts

Thanx 4 reading!